Connect enterprise goals with marketing performance

Marketing performance excellence isn’t a destination... it’s a journey. It starts when marketing teams can easily manage efficiency and effectiveness on the fly using agile software that enables teams to iterate and optimise based on current data. The reality is that most marketing teams still plan and manage in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and email. This wastes time, resources and opportunity with teams caught up in admin instead of performance. Simple enables the alignment of marketing resources, activities, strategies and metrics with business goals. It involves the creation of highly focused marketing playbooks that drive team performance and campaign results. 


All of your marketing performance data in one place

Simple provides one place for marketing teams to visualise the data sets that matter most. Simple’s Customer Success Team helps to define the marketing performance success metrics based on campaign objectives, connect data sets from channel tools and platforms and identify the best practice "Go-to-Market Playbooks" to optimise marketing team performance.

Don't guess, measure

Effective marketing dashboards drive results and accountability. Five elements play a critical role in managing marketing performance: clearly defined objectives, data, analytics, success metrics and process automation. Most marketing teams today still don't have these elements at their fingertips.

The good news is we have built a platform that focuses teams on measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance to maximise effectiveness and optimise the return of investment (ROI) of marketing. 

Don't guess, measure.png


Get Sh*t Done!

A lot of big vendors would like to tell you that software automates everything and can solve all of your problems. The reality is quite different. Without good teams with clear objectives and measurable plans, software can't do much for you.

Simple drives high performance by structuring teams to work in one direction. It also creates a real time system of record. This enables teams to be agile while meeting the demanding internal needs of their stakeholders and getting great campaign results.

Simple + Great Teams + Great Plans = Great Results.